JULY 31, 1953 - NOVEMBER 15, 2007
           I just lost my dad, Gene Young on November 15, 2007.  I was 26 and he was 54..  He was and always will be the greatest man I ever known.  My
dad and mom, Myra,  were married for 35 wonderful years.  They lived in NC their whole life.  It was always my dad's dream to live in FL.  So back in
Feb. 2007, he got that opportunity.  He and my mom moved to FL to better my mom's job.  He bought the perfect house, redecorated inside, had the
greenest grass, planted the most beautiful flowers, and a nice big pool and spa.  He was sooo proud of it all.  He told us and others many times that
everything he done to the house was for his family (children and grandchildren).  My dad always said he wanted a place where we all could come to
vacation for free.  LOL.  He loved us all very much.  We are a very unique close knit family.  My dad was someone that all of us kids and our children
looked up to.  He had that presence with anyone he came in contact with everywhere.
             But on November 2nd, 2007 our lives would change forever.  The man who stood as our HERO, that we all thought was invinsible, was taken to
the emergency room, code blue 3 times,  and put in the Intensive Care Unit at St. Lucie Medical Center in Port St. Lucie, FL.  What he thought was
shoulder pains from putting out 30 bags of mulch was really mild heartattacks that led to on Friday night, November 2, 2007, a massive heartattack,
massive stroke, conjestive heart failure, and a severe case of diabetes.  As a result of all of this  the most outgoing , active person in the world was
paralized on the whole left side of his body.  My husband Chris and I and 3 kids rushed down there around midnight that night along  with my other
brother, his wife and 2 kids.  Should I mention it is a 11 hour drive by vehicle.  I stayed with my dad everyday along with my family.  There is alot of  
wonderful memories of things he told us all in that hospital.  Of how blessed he was to have us as a family.  But in all, the reason we are the way we are is
because my dad brought us up to be that way.  He was hardworking, loved his wife, kids, and grandkids with a passion.  He would do ANYTHING for his
family and was very sincere.  After about 8 days in intensive care, many many test, and some physical therepy, he was ready to go into a regular room.  
As far as the doctors knew he was on the way to recovery.  We were all excited.  Odd as it may seem we NEVER once even thought he wouldnt make it.  
We knew he was very strong and determined and always had been.  There was NOTHING he couldnt accomplish.  We as a family had enough FAITH to
raise the roof of the hospital.  
            But on November 14, 2007 we got the shock of a lifetime.  My mom was out in the hall signing papers for my dad's rehab. center and code blue
was called.  My dad's heart had stopped beating.  The doctors brought him back numerous times and got him stable and stated that everything was going
to be alright that he would just have to go back to ICU a couple more days.  The next day, November 15, 2007 my dad was rushed to Lawnwood Medical
Center in Fort Pierce, FL.  for emergency surgery to put in a few stints and a pace maker.  During surgery, his heart stopped again and this time, he
wouldnt come back.  All of this has been extremely hard for all of us as a family.  There is a link missing in our family chain, but we know that one day we
will see him again along with God.  He visits me in my dreams, hugs me and tells me he loves me.
              I of course miss him very much.  I was always DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL and always will be.  He was the one to give me all my greatest advise,
would make me smile when I was down and out  and loved my husband and I and our 3 boys sooo much. So through all the tears and bad days I have had
since that day, I know that my dad would want me to carry on his great legacy and it drove him crazy when we cried so now,  EVERYTHING I do is in
memory of MY DAD!  I want to be at least half of what he was as a  parent and grandparent.  He can NEVER be replaced!  I LOVE YOU DAD!  I MISS
DREAMS AND IN HEAVEN!  Love always and forever, your one and only daughter, Cassie
My dad relaxing in his pool.
My dad making a silly face with my
My dad and my son,
My dad and all 3 of my sons, Tyler, Chase, and
My dad and my son, Chase.
My dad and my son, Ryley.
Me and my dad.
Me and my dad yrs.
SEPTEMBER 23, 1954 - NOVEMBER 21, 2011

On November 21, 2011 I lost my Mom to her battle of cancer. Though it is very hard to live
everyday now without her,  I know she is no longer suffering and happy now that she is with my
Dad in Heaven!  I miss and think of her everyday but i realize that I have the best guardian
angels anyone could ask for and they are looking over my family everyday !  I love you Mom
and we ALL Miss You so much!
Love Always,
My Dad
My Mom and Dad.
My Mom and a puppy
My Mom and my boys,
and Taco
My Mom,Tyler, and
her dog Taco
Me and my mom.