BIS BISS GCH Lanbur Carson City
                       Am.Can.CH Trajam The Tourist
                                                                    CH Trajam Almost Famous
CH Lanbur Accidental Tourist
                                                                    GCH Windkist A Walk In The Park
                       CH Lanbur Midnight Memories
                                                                     CH Lanbur Midnight Rain

Milroc Accidental Pursuit

                                                                       BISS BIS GCH Lanbur Carson City
                       BIS BISS GCH Lanbur Quest For The Best
                                                                        CH Lanbur Morning Rain
CH Milroc Sweetest Quest
                                                                       GCH Windkist A Walk In The Park
                        Lanbur Sugar And Spice
                                                                       CH Briargate's Full Throttle